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Our Financial Services 

Our team & extended network of experts carefully evaluates your financial situation, crafting personalized plans that align with your goals. Whether you're seeking effective risk management strategies or looking to  establish  executive  and   employee   benefits,   we're  dedicated   to

Our team & extended network of experts carefully evaluates your financial situation, crafting personalized plans that align with your goals. Whether you're seeking effective risk management strategies or looking to  establish  executive  and   employee   benefits,   we're  dedicated   to  supporting your growth every step of the way.

 supporting your growth every step of the way.


Retirement Planning

Atikan Wealth Partners offers a comprehensive approach to managing your wealth. Our team of experienced financial advisors work with you to create a customized investment strategy that aligns with your personal goals and aspirations. We are dedicated to protecting and growing your wealth, unlocking new avenues for prosperity, and offering tailored solutions.

Your Atikan Wealth Partners advisor guides you through the retirement planning process, helping you to:

  • Identify your goals

  • Estimate and assess your future expenditures, including tax obligations

  • Determine how much you need to retire comfortably

  • Assess your potential income streams

  • Manage your assets before and after retirement

  • Maximize your Social Security and Medicare benefits

  • Required Minimum Distribution Planning


Business Planning

A comprehensive financial picture can go far, providing financial confidence. Our professionals at Atikan Wealth Partners are skilled in business planning. Their experience can help to determine your unique needs and tailor the optimal strategy to manage them. We will collaborate with you to devise an all- inclusive plan to pursue  your goals. It will also incorporate a backup plan for the unthinkable. Whether starting a business or expanding a well-established enterprise, we can help you navigate the complete process. Our professionals are committed to guiding you every step of the way.


Investment Management

Planning for your long-term financial health is essential to create a confident  future. With knowledgeable investment management, you can grow your assets to help work towards your monetary goals. We manage your investments by looking at your complete financial picture. Our professionals get to know your needs and help you design an investment portfolio based on your goals and risk tolerance. We determine your asset allocation needs and find the appropriate investment vehicles for you.

Our management services encompass much more than simply buying and selling investments. We help:

  • Devise strategies to work towards both short-term and long-term goals

  • Monitor and offer advice regarding acquiring and disposing of holdings

  • Budget for optimal financial health

  • Provide tax planning


Estate Planning


After years of working, saving, and acquiring wealth, you should be able to determine where your assets go as a part of your life's legacy. At Atikan Wealth Partners our estate planning services take care of planning and strategizing your overall estate plan. As envision your financial legacy, let us help you check off all of the essential steps to maintain that proper control and distribution remain intact.

  • Ensure Correct Dispersal of Funds

  • Prevent Unnecessary Taxation

  • Help you incorporate gift, trust, legacy planning strategies

  • We will be sure to coordinate with your designated team of professionals:

    • Your tax consultant

    • Your legal advisors

    • Key family members


Education Planning

The gift of education is a lifelong offering that opens many doors of opportunity. For some, paying schooling costs seems unattainable. With the help of our education planning services, we can recommend saving and investing strategies to help you pay for your children's education.


Our education planning services extend to young families even when faced with existing student loans. As part of our comprehensive approach, we guide you through decisions such as consolidating or refinancing student loans, ensuring your financial choices align with your aspirations.


By including education planning in your financial plan, you give yourself, and the generations who come after you, the gift of taking advantage of the better  opportunities. We can assist you in projecting tuition costs, additional expenses, and the potential for financial aid. Our investing strategies can focus on multiplying assets and putting you on track for the financial confidence  that comes from paying for education without all of the extra debt.

We can help you prepare for any of the following educational costs:

  • Prep School

  • Private Institutions

  • College Education

  • Masters Programs

  • Vocational Training


Risk Management


At some point, as a working professional or a retiree, managing your money becomes less about saving money and more about mitigating financial risks. At Atikan Wealth Partners, our financial advisors can help you determine your risk tolerance and fill in the gaps of your current financial plan with risk management services. Contact us today to discover and contain your potential financial risks. 


While pinpointing your personal risk factors, our professional financial consultants will look at several facets of your budget. Using data such as age, career, income, retirement projections, and current insurance coverage, we can determine the level of risk you have to lose assets and learn how to help protect them.

Talk to our advisors about all of the following coverage options:

  • Disability coverage

  • Life insurance

  • Personal insurance

  • Long-term care insurance

Executive &
Employee Benefits

At Atikan Wealth Partners , we understand the importance of finding and retaining talented individuals. With the right benefits packages, you are in a better place to attract and keep qualified employees. Our Executive & Employee Benefits programs encompass the basics that most employees have come to expect as well as additional plans for executives:

  • Retirement Plans (401k Plan, Profit Sharing Plan, Defined Benefit Contribution Plan)

  • Buy-Sell Insurance

  • Key-Man Insurance

  • Workers Compensation

  • Life & Disability Insurance

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

  • Prescription and pharmacy benefits

  • Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) or health savings accounts (HSAs)

  • Holiday, Vacation, Sick, Family Leave


Our benefit package services are consistently updated to comply with current rules and regulations. We offer our services to families, individuals, and business owners. Our advisors are versed in modern issues, such as HIPAA regulations and remote work environments. We are prepared to advise you when navigating the benefits most likely to attract new talent and retain existing talent while keeping your accounts in order to satisfy audits and adhere to state regulations.

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