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How to Plan for a Healthy Retirement

Planning for retirement often involves focusing on your finances and ensuring that you not only will have enough to sustain you during your retirement but adequate funds to do the things you enjoy doing. While this strategy is a crucial part of retirement, it is not the only thing to consider as you near your desired retirement age. You also need to start focusing on how to ensure your retirement is healthy and financially stable. Below are a few ways to prepare for a healthy retirement that will allow you to enjoy the results of all your hard work throughout the years.

1. Plan for a New Purpose

In the years leading up to retirement, you are likely to focus on saving and budgeting to have the funds you need when the time comes. What about after you retire, when your purpose is no longer about saving for retirement? Having goals or a new sense of purpose is a key factor in longevity and enjoying these years. It’s OK to start thinking of this new direction once you finally retire so you can plan for what you will need when the time comes.1

2. Develop Healthy Habits

Another key to staying well in retirement is maintaining healthy habits. Without the need to go to work every morning or care for other family members, you may find yourself slacking off on exercise and healthy eating. Start implementing the healthy habits you will need in retirement so that when you do retire, they will seem part of your daily habits. Start planning balanced meals if you don't have the healthiest eating habits. If exercise is not a priority, start with small routines, such as daily walks.2

3. Expand Your Social Circle

Loneliness in retirement is common, especially when you retire younger than your peers. Having a good social circle and opportunities for social interaction when you retire will not only help your mental health but your physical health as well. Don't push off developing this social circle until you retire. Find people and groups who are currently retired or will be soon and who share common interests with you so that your social network will be in place when your retirement arrives.1

4. Plan for Health, Not Just Wealth

Planning for wealth when you retire is crucial, but planning for health issues and expenses is equally vital. Healthcare costs in retirement may quickly dwindle your savings, and failing to stay on top of your health issues may lead to a less-than-happy and healthy retirement. Make sure you have the proper insurance and funds in place so that you will be able to stay on top of your health and any potential medical issues.2

Follow the tips above to help ensure that your retirement is not only financially secure but also a healthy and happy one.

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